New adventurez

Hello, friends!  If you don’t know me, (how are you reading this if you don’t?!) my name is Jenna.  I’m 24 and a half and an ex-Californian-via-Rhode-Island Austinite.  I moved here a year and half ago to the day and I am in a love affair with the city and the south.  And I know what you’re thinking:  “it’s hot as hell down there!”  But I love that I can keep the doors off my Jeep nine months out of the year and that I can wear cut-offs and a tank top everyday.  I like feeling like my skin is going to burn off the bottoms of my feet if I touch raw blacktop.  But maybe I like it because I’m just a freakazoid.

Anyways.  Since moving to Austin for my grown-up job, I have eaten some of the best (and weirdest – thanks, goat heart) foods maybe any human has ever eaten within a 18-month period in all of human history.  We’re talking some of the best chefs and restaurants in the country, including Top Chef Texas winner Paul Qui.  I had a ten-course tasting menu last November at Uchiko on North Lamar, the Japanese farmhouse-style food where Qui was executive chef, and ever since, food is all I can think about.  It has literally changed my life.  Food:  Eating it, making it, reading about it, drooling over pictures of it; it’s really an obsession.  That’s why I recently quit my big-person job to go back to school and learn all about how to prepare and master it.  I plan on starting culinary school in the fall.


Which takes me to this blog:  the Girl Who Ate.  The goal is to chronicle anything and everything I either construct or consume.  Or at least the noteworthy things.  Also no promises that it doesn’t become a place for ranting, bragging or whatever it is I feel like at the time.  But it’s mostly about food and why I love it.  Hugz.

5 thoughts on “New adventurez

  1. I’m watching to see if this evolves along the lines of Drunk Kitchen… 😉
    Looks like a lot of fun… congratulations, you actually made me want to go back to Austin!

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