Did I mention I went to Barley Swine recently?

Barley Swine is the best restaurant in town.  Here’s how I’ll prove it:

A few weeks ago 6 of us went and ate the entire menu plus some.  And every single dish blew our minds.

Barley Swine, April 16, 2013

Broccoli, cheese custard, almond, fermented chili

Carrots, goat feta, ancho chile, fried chickpea cake



Black cod, potato, leek, salt cod cream, olive

Roasted brussel sprouts, chicken fried boudin, grapefruit

Cow head, artichoke, caramelized white chocolate, sunflower

Lamb sausage, bacon broth, turnip, barley, mint (I died when I ate this broth… best thing I ate all night)

Lamb!  But it was really that broth!

Lamb! But it was really that broth!

Pig, crispy trotter, grilled face, refried lentils, yogurt, date



Duck, foie gras, strawberry, morels, pistachio



Beet panna cotta, candied olive, chocolate brown butter cake

Beet panna cotta!

Beet panna cotta!

Lemon tart, basil, quinoa granola, rooibos tea sorbet

Lemon tart!

Lemon tart!

Chocolate soup, strawberries, crispy rice, malted barley

There really is no explaining the mind-blowing flavor combinations at Barley Swine from Chef Bryce Gilmore so just go there.  Like yesterday.

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