Crockpot Cheesechicken!

Turns out when you have a pretty much full time job, there’s not much time to cook during the week.  But there are these amazing revolutionary man-made machines called slowcookers and they are wonderful, especially if you’re feeling lazy but want slow cooked goodness.  So prepare yourself for the easiest recipe yet:  Crockpot CHEESECHICKEN!  Let’s DO THIS thing.  And prepare for hardly any prep time then doing other things for 6-8 hours!  Amazing.


Crockpot Cheesechicken!

  • green peppers
  • onions
  • garlic
  • mushrooms
  • chicken breasts
  • paprika
  • cayenne pepper
  • salt
  • pepper
  • a can of your favorite beer (I used an Austin Beerworks Peacemaker)
  • CHEESE (I forgot to buy white cheddar, which is what I intended to use, but we had Provolone and it was still good.  I think sharper is better though, just to get that bite)
  • buns

To start, cut up some mushrooms, slice two green peppers and a sweet onion (or a half if you have a giant one like I did) and add it all into the Crockpot like so.


Season your chicken breasts with salt, pepper, cayenne pepper and paprika.  Then add them into a layer on top of your veggies.


Mince four cloves of garlic (yaaaay garlic breath!) and sprinkle over chicken.  Crack your beer and dump it over everything!  Drown that shit!  Make sure your liquid is just baaarely covering the tops of the chicken, then pop on the lid and turn that shit on low ALL DAY while you’re at work.  6-8 hours.  When you get home, your house will smell like unicorns and your dog will look like you like he’s been suffering all day with the stench.  It’ll look something like THIS:


Turn that knob to “warm” and shred the chicken.  You may need to drain some of the liquid prior to dumping the chicken back in so your bread doesn’t end up crazy soggy.  Shred a boat load of cheese and add it all back into the pot.  Toss with tongs and let all that cheese melt on up.  While it’s melting together into a warm cheesy mess, toast some buns, then just plop some onto a sandwich and stuff your face.

Side note:  I have this awful habit of forgetting to take pictures of the final product before I start eating.  Apologies, but can you blame me?  I was hungry.  Just picture that first forkful up top slathered on a bun.

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