Dinner Lab – The Duck

There are some animals I really like to eat.  I’m sure you’ve all realized I really REALLY like to eat pigs.  Want to know what else is close to the top??  Ducks.  Cute little Donald Ducks any and all ways.  So imagine my elation when I received this menu for a Dinner Lab event (if you’re confused about what this is, see here: https://thegirlwhoate.com/2013/05/15/dinner-lab-austin/) showcasing the Duck.  I found myself drooling just reading the menu and knew I had to have it.  All of it.

Note:  Please excuse the crap quality of the pictures in this post… iPhone pictures without flash in not-so-great lighting.  Better than nothing?

Cucumber Coconut Gazpacho Storrel, candied duck skin, jalapeño, lime zest (WHY ARE COLD SOUPS SO GOOD?!)

That candied duck skin on top UGH

That candied duck skin on top UGH

Chiogga Beet and Duck Cracklins Strawberries, roasted oyster mushrooms, preserved lemons (oyster mushrooms yummm)


Poached Tile Fish Crispy skin, sticky rice, duck dashi, pickled radish (the dashi, which is a Japanese broth made from kombu, a type of kelp, and dried bonito flakes was maybe one of the best things I consumed during this meal.)


Confit Duck Cured green tomato, banyuls syrup, chevre, arugula flower (duck and chevre is a serious winning combo)


Macerated Berries Duck fat chiffon cake, chamomile, grapefruit sabyon



Although the location (a forestry warehouse on East 6th St) wasn’t as cool (both figuratively AND literally… there was no AC in there) as the lumber mill, it was still a buzzing atmosphere served up with cold cocktails and still has the feeling of an awesome underground club where all you do is eat.  Moral of the story:  DUCK IS SO GOOD and Dinner Lab for the win AGAIN!

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