Happy 2014!

Hello, 2014!

It’s been nearly 4 months since my last post and I am so so ashamed.  But I have been doing things, and here is the post to prove it!

I had to travel a bunch to Grand Rapids, Michigan (which is a tundra right now, I’m glad I haven’t had to go lately) for work and it’s actually a pretty cool town.  There’s a bunch of good craft brews along with some good places to eat.  My favorite place is the Winchester (http://www.winchestergr.com/) where my coworkers and I shared this awesome roasted cauliflower appetizer.  Notice the dramatic presentation of the whole head stabbed through with a large knife.

IMG_2906 3

The mussels with tomatoes and sausage were pretty good too.

IMG_2907 2



Airport Chiles margarita? You betcha.

I also had this weird spaghetti pie thing…


As usual, I’ve probably eaten at Tacodeli another 50 times, but here are two of my favorites, the Delibelly (pork belly special, only on Saturdays) and the Heather (refried black beans, lettuce, tomatoes, guacamole and fried cheese).


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What’s been going ON

It has once again been awhile, but this post is going to catch y’all up with what’s been going on.

Two weekends ago I hopped a plane back to the bay area for Bay2Breakers.  If you don’t know, the LA Times describes Bay2Breakers (or B2B) as the following:

Bay to Breakers is an annual footrace through San Francisco that typically involves a lot of costumes, drinking and partying and little actual racing.

It is always the my single most favorite day of the year (unless the Patriots happen to win the Super Bowl) because it’s just a big weird and sloppy parade where I somehow miraculously run into nearly all of my friends.

I started off the weekend with a burrito from my FAVORITE place in San Jose, La Victoria’s, or as it’s more affectionately known:  “La Vic’s”.  I am obsessive about burritos (and they all SUCK in Austin) and the secret to the amazingness is this:

The holy grail.

The holy grail.

Aside:  let’s us all pump our fists in happiness that I finally figured out how to make my pictures BIGGER!!  Woo!

Saturday morning brought wine tasting with my old roommates and friends via a limo chocked with a shit ton of champagne.

We were completely sober in this photo.

We were completely sober in this photo.

Needless to say, we had an excellent time snacking on cheese and charcuterie and drinking wine in between being chauffeured in a limo binge-fest around beautiful Napa and Sonoma.

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New adventurez


Hello, friends!  If you don’t know me, (how are you reading this if you don’t?!) my name is Jenna.  I’m 24 and a half and an ex-Californian-via-Rhode-Island Austinite.  I moved here a year and half ago to the day and I am in a love affair with the city and the south.  And I know what you’re thinking:  “it’s hot as hell down there!”  But I love that I can keep the doors off my Jeep nine months out of the year and that I can wear cut-offs and a tank top everyday.  I like feeling like my skin is going to burn off the bottoms of my feet if I touch raw blacktop.  But maybe I like it because I’m just a freakazoid.

Anyways.  Since moving to Austin for my grown-up job, I have eaten some of the best (and weirdest – thanks, goat heart) foods maybe any human has ever eaten within a 18-month period in all of human history.  We’re talking some of the best chefs and restaurants in the country, including Top Chef Texas winner Paul Qui.  I had a ten-course tasting menu last November at Uchiko on North Lamar, the Japanese farmhouse-style food where Qui was executive chef, and ever since, food is all I can think about.  It has literally changed my life.  Food:  Eating it, making it, reading about it, drooling over pictures of it; it’s really an obsession.  That’s why I recently quit my big-person job to go back to school and learn all about how to prepare and master it.  I plan on starting culinary school in the fall.


Which takes me to this blog:  the Girl Who Ate.  The goal is to chronicle anything and everything I either construct or consume.  Or at least the noteworthy things.  Also no promises that it doesn’t become a place for ranting, bragging or whatever it is I feel like at the time.  But it’s mostly about food and why I love it.  Hugz.